Car Motion Sickness

Pleasant Driving Company is a technology start up in the field of human factors for automotive applications. The company innovates in the field of motion sickness and develops applications for detecting and avoiding motion sickness. The objective is to increase driving comfort and eliminated car motion sickness for drivers and passengers.

Motivation for Pleasant Driving:
◾About 60% of the people has suffered in anyway of car motion sickness
◾Mostly take 10-20 Minutes before the sickness shows off
◾The driver has the less probability of getting sick
◾In automated driving, the driver can also get motion sick
◾Children do have more probability of getting car motion sickness
◾Motion sickness increases the failures and fault made by human being


In automated driving situations, the driver will also become a passenger. In case the driver only feels 10% sick by the car motion, the concentration will be influenced directly and mistakes can occur. The influence on concentration by motion sickness impacts ability of human beings to react in (automated) driving or emergency situations.

The pleasant driving innovations are:
1. Mobile phone application
2. Driving modus for automotive applications
3. Integrated application for active suspension or HMI systems

The Pleasant Driving innovations can be used by consumers, OEM’s and suppliers worldwide.


The pleasant driving technology uses as input standard accelerometers in x, y and z-axis, the signal will be processed and a patented algorithm will calculate the  nauseating factor for a human being. The system takes in account, age, gender, accumulation and habituation. The driver will be instructed how to act and will actively be trained to detect and prevent car sickness.

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